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Founder. Creative. Innovator. Artist. Writer. I'm here to take you along with me as we explore personal development, lifestyle, wellness, and self-care... together.

I spent ten+ years broke, burnt out, and ready to give up a job I hated. 

I felt utterly and completely lost.

Lost, that is, until I figured out my true calling.

I’d spent years toiling away in dead-end jobs that I hated because that’s what you were supposed to do as an adult. At least, that’s what I thought based on many of my peers, family members, and friends doing the same.

Every Monday morning, I’d think “Surely there are people who hop out of bed with joy and vigor, right? Right?!”

Finally, one day, I decided that I’d had enough. This day was truly the first day of the rest of my life.

I decided that I deserved better. I chose to become my best self and enjoy my finite time on this planet to the best of my abilities. I wanted to flourish every day.

I've made it my mission to improve the lives of women across the globe by sharing knowledge gems, exploring what works (and what doesn't), and uncomplicating the path to a better life.

The Everyday Flourish is your go-to resource for personal growth, lifestyle, self-care, wellness, and everything in between with authenticity and abundance.

To help women become the best version of themselves by sharing my knowledge and pursuing the kind of life that I actually wanted: one with abundant freedom, joy, and tranquility. 



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