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Need an Instant Beauty Boost? Check Out These Five Staples

October 1, 2021

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Look good, feel good.


Want an easy way to boost your mood? Makeup can be a fun and straightforward catalyst for a quick pick-me-up.


Many a day, I’ve woken up feeling blah and felt immensely better after doing my makeup.


There’s just something about swiping bold color across your eyelids or lips that can make all the difference in lifting your spirits—increasing your confidence and making yourself happier.


Read on to find out my top five products to give yourself a beauty boost.




Need an Instant Beauty Boost? Check Out These Five Staples


Eyebrow Products

woman grooming brows

Credit: cottonbro on Pexels

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. If that’s true, eyebrows are the curtains for those windows. As a result, making sure that your brows are well-groomed is essential.


Luckily for us, we’re living in the era of brow gels, powders, and pencils. These glorious products leave us with virtually no excuse not to have fantastic and sculpted brows. There are also charts and guides for the uninitiated on how to get your eyebrows together.


Beauty Boost Tips:

  • If you’re new to makeup for your eyebrows, consider using an eyebrow gel which you can apply in a few quick swipes.
  • Seasoned eyebrow sculptors may prefer to use pencils and powders, which add definition and boldness.






woman applying blush for beauty boost

Credit: MART PRODUCTION on Pexels

A natural flush can be a sign of youth and vitality. Blush helps us convey these traits quickly and easily (whether we have them naturally or not). It can also make you look happy and rosy, even when you’re not.


Blush comes in countless vibrant or demure hues. My blush collection includes powder, liquid, and cream varieties that vary in color and ease of use. No matter which type I choose, blush always makes me smile during and after the application process.


Beauty Boost Tips:

  • Your skin tone and undertone can be a surefire guide for choosing your ideal blush. You can also select blush based on your color preferences.
  • If you’re more traditional, consider adding pink tones, like berry and fuchsia, to your repertoire. If you want to be bolder, consider branching out to more unconventional blush colors like eggplant and orange.





Lip Color

woman smiling and wearing lipstick

Credit: @NappyStock on

When I want to add color and lift my mood quickly, I often wear a vibrant shade of lip color.


Whether it’s traditional lipstick, long-lasting lip stain, or a shiny lip gloss, lip color is a surefire way to bring color to the face. Certain lip color shades can make your teeth appear whiter, which helps to enhance your smile.


Beauty Boost Tips:

  • Similar to blush, there are lipsticks and lip glosses tailored to fit your skin tone. Try adding a pop of color to your mouth to bring attention to your mouth.
  • Traditional lip colors include pink, mauve, and nude. Bolder lip color options include purple, orange, and classic red.






woman applying mascara for beauty boost

Credit: Trevor Buntin on Unsplash

In addition to eyebrow products, mascara goes the extra mile in adding oomph to your eyes. Mascara helps pull attention to your eyes by making your eyelashes appear longer, darker, and fuller.


Darker lashes can also make your eyes appear larger and more inviting. Coat your eyelashes with the optimum mascara for you, and try not to bat them at every person you see.


Beauty Boost Tips:

  • Those of us living in the 21st century are lucky enough to have infinite mascara options. From drugstore to high-end, you can select mascara based on the desired result for your lashes.
  • If you have sparse lashes, consider trying one of the countless volumizing mascaras. There are also options for short, straight, and long lashes in traditional, clean, and cruelty-free mascara formulas.





Woman applying perfume


Smelling great can make you feel better about yourself and lift your mood. A good scent can proverbially transport you from the dregs of everyday life to a field of fragrant flowers, a picturesque beach coast, or an aromatic citrus orchard.


In addition to traditional perfumes, you can add fragrance to your routine in various forms, including essential oils, body washes, and even body butter.


Beauty Boost Tips:

  • Perfume doesn’t have to be used exclusively on your body. You can also use fragrance in your car and home.
  • Consider incorporating scent into your daily life with things like car fragrances, candles for the house, and room sprays available in affordable and luxury options.





The Takeaway

If you look good, it can often make you feel good! Incorporating beauty staples into your beauty routine can be the catalyst for improving the way you see yourself and adding pep to your step daily.


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