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50 Things To Do Right Now To Improve Your Mood Quickly

January 26, 2022

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Just try not to get your mood *too* boosted using these tips.


Do you ever find yourself feeling blah and don’t quite know where to start to fix it?


When feeling drab or temporary sadness, it can often seem impossible to get out of a funk without drastic changes. But, this isn’t always true!


In actuality, there are numerous ways to upgrade your mindset and mood.


If you often feel down and don’t know where to start to improve your mood, this list is for you!


Whether you’re interested in boosting your mood via relaxation, physical activity, or mindset switches, the information provided here has you covered.


Keep reading for 50 things to do right now to improve your mood quickly.




50 Things To Do Right Now To Improve Your Mood Quickly


Photo Credit: @benwhitephotography on Unsplash

Mental Ways To Improve Your Mood


  1. Meditate for five to ten minutes using a guided meditation app like Calm or Headspace.
  2. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or like a jumbled mess, do a brain dump and get your thoughts out onto a page!
  3. Buy yourself a small item, like your favorite coffee or a fabulous new candle to lift your spirits. 
  4. Write down ten realistic affirmations about yourself and your future, then say them to yourself.
  5. Create a physical or virtual vision board of your ideal life and use the visuals to boost your overall mindset. 
  6. Have an online therapy session using an app or service to discuss your feelings with a certified professional. 
  7. Read ten minutes of a personal growth or mindset book to learn how to improve yourself and your life. 
  8. Take a spontaneous mental health day and spend the time away from your responsibilities doing whatever you desire.
  9. Spend a few minutes writing down ten things for which you’re grateful. There’s no need to get fancy; notating your gratitude makes you more likely to recognize it.
  10. Do a quick box breathing exercise. This simple practice helps you to center yourself on the here and now by cultivating mindfulness of your breath.




Photo Credit: @ladyfernphotos on Unsplash

Physical Ways to Improve Your Mood


  1. Take a walk outside for 10- 20 minutes (or more if you’re up to it). 
  2. Get some sunshine if the weather permits! If the sun isn’t an option, spend time in front of a light therapy lamp as an alternative. 
  3. If you have a pet, carve out time to play, walk, snuggle, relax and feel all the feels with them! 
  4. Do a brief yoga workout to stretch out your muscles and relieve tension in your body. 
  5. Are you feeling tired? Take a quick 5 to 15-minute nap to alleviate sleepiness and increase your energy levels. 
  6. Boost endorphins and get a strength workout with a quick weight-lifting exercise routine. 
  7. Do a ten-minute tidy to ready your kitchen, desk, bedroom, or any other room of your house for use the next day. 
  8. Have a solo and impromptu dance party to your favorite song (or playlist) to get your heart rate up and make yourself laugh.
  9. Take a shower using your favorite soap or body wash, and take the time to moisturize your skin using luxurious body butter after drying off.
  10. Make your bed soon after waking to cultivate a sense of accomplishment first thing!



Photo Credit: @aginsbrook on Unsplash

Fun Ways To Improve Your Mood


  1. Watch an episode (or two, or three) of your favorite TV show. Bonus points if you bring snacks! 
  2. Complete a jigsaw or crossword puzzle and take pride in finishing it. 
  3. Have a virtual shopping spree! This fun task allows you to experience the high of shopping without the accompanying price tag. 
  4. Read one of your favorite magazines. The articles and bright colors can unexpectedly lift your spirits! 
  5. Listen to an episode (or five) of a comedy podcast to make yourself laugh and improve your mood. 
  6. Play a mobile game, like Two Dots or Infinity Loop, to get a quick and fun break from your day.
  7. No matter your skill level, sing aloud to your favorite songs to boost your energy and make yourself smile. 
  8. Get artistic! – Paint, doodle, sculpt or draw something for fun. You may even end up with artwork you can display. 
  9. Relive your childhood, grab a coloring book, and go to town to enhance your creativity.
  10. Have fun by playing a video game suitable for your preferences, like Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Stardew Valley, for a quick boost of escapism.




Photo Credit: @kellysikkema on Unsplash

Unconventional Ways To Improve Your Mood


  1. Do something nice for someone else, like buying coffee or lunch for the person behind you in line, to cultivate good feelings from generosity
  2. Go for a spontaneous drive and take in new sights in your city. 
  3. Compliment a stranger and share in the joy they experience as a result.
  4. Plan a future outing with a friend. Your plans can be as simple as a lunch or brunch date or as intricate as a trip. 
  5. Make a nominal donation to a charity of your choice as a way to make a difference. 
  6. Make plans to take a vacation! – Knowing that you’ll soon be traveling somewhere gives you something exciting for which to cool to look forward.
  7. Change up your look and experiment with a new hairstyle or makeup product.
  8. Wear a clothing item or accessory you own but have never worn before, like a new pair of earrings or unworn shoes, to spice up your wardrobe.
  9. Plan a date night for you and a partner or a solo date to give yourself something exciting for which to look forward. 
  10. Volunteer your time to a particular cause meaningful to you to give back and improve your mood. 




Photo Credit: @cottonbro on Pexels

Relaxing Ways To Improve Your Mood


  1. Cozy up and read a chapter from one of your favorite books to escape to another world temporarily. 
  2. Have a home spa day! Indulge in your favorite face mask, eye patches, and steam facials to uplift your mind and rejuvenate your skin. 
  3. Get a manicure or pedicure to spruce your nails and make yourself feel good about your appearance in a small way. 
  4. Pencil in a professional spa treatment, like a massage or facial, for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. 
  5. Order your go-to takeout dish from your favorite restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal that makes you feel good.




Photo Credit: @sweetpagesco on Unsplash

Productive Ways to Improve Your Mood


  1. Make your favorite breakfast meal – go all out! – and carve out time to savor it before you start your day. 
  2. Rearrange the furniture in your most frequently used room to revitalize your space. 
  3. Organize your wardrobe and plan outfits to save time and streamline the selection process for your future self. 
  4. Declutter one room in your house. Don’t underestimate the happiness that stems from having a clear and uncluttered space! 
  5. Reorganize one often utilized area of your house, like your beauty shelf, dresser, or kitchen cabinets, and note how much better you feel after. 



The Takeaway

When you feel down, it can sometimes feel like there’s nothing that you can do to turn your mood around.


However, whether you know it or not, there are countless small tasks and tricks that you can utilize to improve your mood and your outlook swiftly.


Rather than wallowing in your negative feelings, it is much more constructive to take small actions and feel incremental improvements in your mindset.


With the help of no-cost suggestions, like taking a walk or a nap, and creative options, like gaming or making art, boosting your mood can be an easy proposition!


Don’t hesitate to mix and match the suggestions here as you see fit, and a surefire mood boost is coming your way!


Writer’s Note: The tips provided can help to help with temporary sad feelings. However, if you are experiencing persistent sadness or depression and find that your symptoms aren’t letting up or are worsening, please don’t hesitate to seek professional help from a therapist, counselor, or doctor. The information provided here is advice and is not a substitute for medical intervention.




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