8 Absolutely Vital Self-Care Do’s and Don’ts

May 24, 2022

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8 Absolutely Vital Self-Care Do’s and Don’ts

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Ah, the wonderful world of self-care.


It’s one of the most popular and vital phenomena in personal development. However, it’s not particularly descriptive for those new to the term.


I mean, we all care about ourselves. So, how do you do self-care?


Simply put, self-care is the mindful act of taking care of yourself. 


This can mean doing things as simple as going to bed on time or preparing a healthy breakfast for yourself. It could also be more complex, like starting a meditation habit if you’ve never done it before or starting a 30-day workout challenge.


Whether you’re brand new to mindfully implementing self-care in your life or a veteran of the practice, here are eight do’s and don’ts to consider.



8 Absolutely Vital Self-Care Do’s and Don’ts


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DO Understand That Self-Care Is Necessary

When many people think of self-care, thoughts of bubble baths, expensive candles, and spa trips come to mind. While all of these things are nice and can be forms of the practice, these items and actions don’t represent self-care as a whole.


At its core, self-care is a necessary part of daily life In which you take steps to look after yourself. During childhood, you likely had adults who made sure to take care of you.


Once you reach adulthood, making sure that you are taken care of falls upon you. As a result, self-care becomes a crucial part of protecting your emotional, physical, and mental health.





DON’T Underestimate The Benefits of Simple Self-Care Habits 

Okay, so you’ve decided to start taking better care of yourself or revamp your current habits mindfully. But, you may be like many newbies, and you’re overwhelmed at where to start.


You may feel like your practice has to include elaborate actions, lengthy routines, and complicated tasks. But this isn’t entirely true!


Don’t underestimate the profound benefits of simple habits. Consider doing uncomplicated things! Having a set waking time, ensuring that you take steps every hour during work, or taking the time to read uplifting books can be small but effective ways to implement self-care and improve your overall well-being.


The key is to remember that small actions can be just as effective (if not more!) as complicated ones as part of your practice.





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DO Implement Self-Care Practices Tailored To You

You may be wondering how to choose specific self-care practices once you’ve incorporated them into your life.


Try to tailor habits and actions to your likes and things that will bring you joy, calm, or happiness.


Taking care of yourself can only be beneficial to you if it’s something that you will regularly do and find valuable.


Rather than selecting practices solely on what others are doing or what you feel you should do, you should tailor your choices to things that can help you.





DON’T Implement Self-Care Practices Solely Based On Trends

Whether it’s the newest bubble tea, a specific type of massage, or a popular product, countless new self-care practices emerge based on trends.


Don’t implement habits solely based on trends to avoid trying things that aren’t best suited for you.


Despite the fanfare and constant attention on social media for the next best thing, it’s often more valuable to stick with tried-and-true practices.


Rather than basing your choices on what’s popular with the masses, sticking with reliable options like exercise, healthy eating, sleep, and meditation can have untold enhancements in your life.




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DO Use Tiny Habits To Incorporate Self-Care Into Your Daily Life

Do you struggle with self-care because you try to make massive changes or overhaul your entire routine all at once?


Instead of making enormous adjustments simultaneously, use tiny habits to incorporate self-care into your daily life.


By making small and manageable changes to how you take care of yourself via your existing habits and routines, new practices become much more doable – even for beginners.




DON’T Feel The Need To Spend Lots of Money

When starting your self-care journey, don’t feel the need to spend lots of money.


With many trends comes the assumption that you have to spend loads of cash to partake. This assumption isn’t valid! Many of the best practices are affordable or completely accessible!


Actions like reading for enjoyment or personal development purposes, taking time to rest, and preparing nutritious meals for yourself take time and preparation but very little extra money.





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DO Document The Effects of Self-Care On Your Life

Have you ever started a habit that became a permanent staple in your routine, only to forget how beneficial it was when you started it?


If so, you understand why you should document the effects of self-care on your life.


Whether you choose to journal or jot down a quick note about the way your new practices make you feel, it’s helpful to have a record of your thoughts.


Documenting the positive effects of these new habits can be a simple way to cultivate motivation to continue your newfound practices even when you don’t feel like it.




DON’T Try To Make Multiple Complicated Self-Care Changes At Once

Trying to take on multiple complicated changes simultaneously is a surefire way to give up on (almost) all of it.


In many cases, people try to alter multiple things because there’s a belief that just one thing would not have noticeable benefits. This belief isn’t true!


Rather than incorporating too much at once, consider adding singular new self-care practice at a time to allow yourself to ease into the process.


You may be surprised at how significant a straightforward tweak can be to your overall well-being, mood, and happiness.




The Takeaway

When starting or refreshing a self-care journey, feeling overwhelmed by your options is understandable.


It can also be challenging to decide what’s important.


Regardless of trends and what works for others, the keys to a successful self-care practice include starting small, choosing patterns that suit you, and remembering that essential practices are still beneficial.


With the help of these simple do’s and don’ts, reframing the importance of taking care of yourself should be much easier.



Do you have any recommendations for self-care newbies? Have you discovered any dos and don’ts over time? If so, please feel free to share them below!



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