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6 Wonderful Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

May 1, 2022

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6 Wonderful Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

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You can *spring clean* your life anytime.


Are you having trouble differentiating between winter and spring in your daily life? If so, you need to spring clean your life!


Rather than holding on to old practices and routines, spring is an excellent time to make critical changes in your life tailored to the new season.


Over the years, I’ve narrowed down six beneficial strategies to make way for spring and implement improvements in my life.


Ready to refresh your life for the new season? Check out these six necessary ways to spring clean your life!


6 Wonderful Ways to Spring Clean Your Life


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Survey Your Current Routines and Update Them

Out with the old (winter) routines and in with the new! One essential way to spring clean your life is to look at your current practices and refresh them.


Making changes to your routine should be relatively easy due to the weather changes and other differences between winter and spring. Whether this means changing your workout time or carving out time to meal prep in-season produce, it’s time to tailor your current habits and practices to the new season. 


Spring Routine Refresh Ideas

  • Schedule outdoor walks each week to experience the beautiful weather.
  • Spring clean your life and diet by visiting the nearest farmer’s market to purchase fresh in-season produce.
  • Adjust your wake-up time to suit the earlier sunrise and get a head start on your day.




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Revamp Your Wardrobe

Naturally, revamping your wardrobe is essential when starting a new season. It’s time to pack the coats and sweaters away and break out the short-sleeves and shorts. 


The beginning of spring is a great time to switch to clothes suitable for warmer weather and update your wardrobe to fit your style. Spring clean your life and style by adding colorful pieces, short-sleeves, shorts, and having fun with your closet!


Revamp Your Wardrobe for Spring

  • Make a point of packing away your winter clothes (see you later sweaters and tights) to make room for more lightweight clothing.
  • Use outside sources, like Pinterest and blogs to collect outfit ideas and cultivate excitement for your new wardrobe.
  • Consider creating a capsule wardrobe suitable for warmer weather by selecting versatile pieces you love and can rotate wearing.




Photo Credit: @cottonbro on Pexels


Do Some Decluttering of Your Space

Okay, you knew this tip would be on this list. Here’s the inevitable suggestion for spring cleaning! 


One of the most common and effective ways to make way for spring is to clean and declutter your space. Taking the time to get rid of unwanted items, store unnecessary clothes and linens, and other tasks can freshen up your living space and help usher in spring.


Declutter and Clean Your Space

  • Conduct a deep clean of your refrigerator by taking everything out (!), cleaning shelves, trashing expired and unnecessary items, and replacing everything in an organized manner.
  • Take the time to declutter the most high-traffic areas of your home by donating or throwing away items and organizing the rest using bins and other storage tools.
  • If cleaning and decluttering are not your jam, consider hiring professionals to come into your space and refresh your rooms.





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Add New Mini-Habits To Your Life

With the start of a new season, it’s natural to want to incorporate new habits into your life. You can spring clean your life by introducing fun and refreshed daily practices to your life suitable for the season. 


But, instead of bombarding yourself with a ton of complicated and unrealistic goals, make your new spring habits mini. Now is a great time to start a new yoga routine, restart something like a set bedtime, or anything else you’ve meant to do! The key is to make the habit small enough to achieve it.


Mini-Habits Ideas For Spring

  • Identify the areas of your life that need to be revamped, like your self-care routine or relaxation options, and incorporate mini-habits suitable to addressing them.
  • Refresh your hydration routine by creating a mini-habit for water intake using a new bottle and helpful reminders to drink at different intervals.
  • Consider creating a mini-habit like time-blocking or using the Pomodoro method to increase your overall productivity.




Photo Credit: @olly on Pexels


Reignite Your Social Life

With winter often comes isolation and a stagnant social scene. Having less communication with others is expected due to the frigid months. 


After spending months without having regular in-person and outdoor time with others, spring clean your life by making plans to reemerge into your social life. Take advantage of the spring season and celebrate the warmer weather by refreshing your relationships and connections.


Reignite Your Social Life For Spring

  • Make plans with your friends, like brunch dates or shared activities like exercise classes, for fun ways to socialize.
  • Consider taking classes, like pottery or dancing, to cultivate new hobbies and meet new people.
  • Join clubs and groups, like a book club or sports groups, for enjoyment, create connections, and stimulate your mind.




Photo Credit: @vlada-karpovich on Pexels


Review Your Planner and Make Revisions If Needed

One way you can spring clean your life is to harness the excitement of the new season and make appropriate alterations to your planner. 


By getting rid of outdated methods, livening up the appearance of your planner, and adding fun appointments, you can make spring even more exciting. Whether you use a paper or digital planner, things like adding eye-catching colors and lively plans can help to refresh your planning routines.


Review Your Planner to Suit the New Season

  • Liven up your planner by using colorful pens and highlighters, stickers, attractive fonts, and other unique designs.
  • Add standing appointments, like regular appointments and recurring “me-time,” to help you get excited about planning and the new season.
  • Try a new method, like a desktop or mobile scheduling app, to see if you should switch up your planning style.


The Takeaway

Just like your computer or phone needs the occasional reset, so does your life! Why not use the newness of spring to reset your life?


Spring is as good a time as any to make noticeable changes, big and small, to your life in ways that will make a difference.


With the help of these surefire tips, you can shake off the cold and dreariness of winter and spring clean your life in multiple areas.



Have you recently undergone a spring clean in your life? If so, share your suggestions for others in the comments!




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