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25 Lazy Ways to Become “That Girl”

December 25, 2021

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Make these *small* changes to get closer to being that girl.


We’ve all seen inspirational TikTok videos and Instagram posts showing seemingly perfect women living aspirational lives.


These women, deemed “that girl,” seem to live unattainable lives.


But, there are foolproof methods that can get you the inspirational life you desire using baby steps.


Whether you’re seeking no-brainer changes that are simple to make or lesser-known life changes to work into your week, the list below has you covered.


Keep reading to learn about 25 lazy ways to become “that girl.”



25 Lazy Ways to Become “That Girl”



No-Brainer Lazy “That Girl” Suggestions

that girl drinking water

Photo Credit: @bindlebottle on Unsplash

1. Drink 16 ounces of water.

There’s no need to commit to chugging a gallon of water daily. Rather than undertaking that much water from scratch, start with two glasses, and you can naturally likely increase your water intake over time.


If you can get a 16-ounce water bottle with time and ounce increments, drinking water is even more easy peasy.





woman walking

Photo Credit: @hannahbusing on Unsplash

2. Take a 10 – 15 minute walk.

It can be tempting to feel like a workout less than 30 minutes in length won’t help you become “that girl,” but even a short walk has benefits.


Try incorporating a 10 – 15 minute walk regularly to increase your heart rate and get a bit of activity into your day.





woman lounging in bed

Photo Credit: @all_who_wander on Unsplash

3. Spend the first 30 minutes of your day without checking your phone.

Increase your mental health and preserve your morning serenity by forgoing your phone (and social media!) for the first 30 minutes of the day.


Spending 30 minutes phone-free allows you to get into the mindset of becoming “that girl” by essentially doing nothing.


This phone-less time also frees up the first part of your day to check off other suggestions on this list.





healthy easy breakfast

Photo credit: @bakdandraw on Unsplash

4. Eat a healthy breakfast.

We all know that the first meal of your day should be nutritious, but it can also be quick.


Sure, your healthy breakfast can include the ever-popular smoothie bowl, but you can branch out into more basic options.


You can also tailor this suggestion to suit your dietary needs.


Make your breakfast as involved or straightforward as you need it to be (hello, banana and Greek yogurt!).


Just make sure that your first meal is healthy.





woman meditating

Photo Credit: @yogagenapp on Unsplash

5. Meditate for 5 minutes.

Meditation is often an intimidating proposition for those new to the practice.


Due to the joys of technology, you can be lazy and use an app to accomplish the goal of meditating daily.


Consider using apps like Calm and Headspace and incorporate 5-minute sessions into your day.





woman writing in planner

Photo Credit: @stilclassics on Unsplash

6. Take 10 minutes to write out a plan for your day.

If you often feel frazzled and end up flying by the seat of your pants daily, planning is a crucial step that is missing from your routine.


You don’t need to create a fancy schedule and can even write out your plans on a scrap sheet of paper.


Just be sure to write down your most important to-do’s and the day’s must complete items.





woman washing dishes

Photo Credit: @leyameera on Unsplash

7. Do a 10-minute tidy.

If you’re like most people (ahem, me included), chores and cleaning duties pile up due to the sheer volume of work and time required.


Stop being lazy for a few minutes and do a 10-minute tidy.


You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in such a short time, and your space will be that much closer to being “that girl” worthy.





woman reading a book

Photo Credit: @_thedl on Unsplash

8. Read 10 minutes of a personal growth or mindset book.

Reading an entire book in a day, or even a week, can be a lofty goal when you have other responsibilities to accomplish.


Start with committing to reading 10 minutes of a personal growth or mindset book as a way to enrich yourself without overwhelming your schedule.


It may not seem like it, but daily reading for just 10 minutes can translate to ten books (or more) completed annually. Not too shabby! 





aesthetic cup of tea

Photo Credit: @morgansessions on Unsplash

9. Drink a cup of tea that has antioxidants and health benefits.

Whether you prefer white, herbal, or green tea, you’re bound to reap benefits like reduced inflammation and boosted immune function.


To make this step even more manageable, consider swinging by your nearest coffee shop to grab a cup of this healthy elixir.





woman washing face

Photo Credit: @ron-lach on Pexels

10. Perform a simple skincare routine morning and night.

You’ve likely noticed that every “that girl” has seemingly perfect skin. Incorporate this into your life by establishing a basic skincare routine for morning and night.


Your morning routine should consist of a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Conversely, your evening skincare regimen should include a cleanser and moisturizer.


Your basic skincare routines can be as brief as five minutes long. Feel free to add more steps if you’re so inclined.





Less-Obvious Lazy “That Girl” Suggestions

positive affirmations products

Photo Credit: @vanacreative on Unsplash

11. Make a list of 10 affirmations and say them every morning.

Most “that girl” routines consist of recurring positive thinking. Incorporating positivity into your life can seem overwhelming for newbies, but you can simplify it.


Consider writing a list of ten realistic and motivating affirmations to you, then say them every morning to start the habit of positive thinking.





woman holding vitamins

Photo Credit: @dailynouri on Unsplash

12. Take vitamins and supplements that align with your health goals.

Realistically, most of us don’t get the vitamins and nutrients that we need daily. Vitamins can help to fill in the gaps in your diet.


You can also tailor the vitamins and supplements to suit your health goals, like skin support or energy-boosting, as well as your dietary needs.





woman drinking coffee

Photo Credit: @giancescon on Unsplash

13. Drink coffee (sans excess sweetener and creamer) to reap the full benefits of the beverage.

Like tea, coffee has a myriad of health benefits when prepared black. In proper amounts (and enough time before bedtime), caffeine can provide benefits like improved energy and memory.


Additionally, coffee can help fight depression and even increase life expectancy. Just be sure to limit sweetener and creamer and stop drinking 4 to 6 hours before bed for the most benefits.





woman tidying blankets

Photo Credit: @danielcgold on Unsplash

14. Declutter any messy parts of your home for 20 minutes at a time.

If you’ve experienced the sheer happiness of walking into a clean bedroom or minimalistic home after a long day, you understand the joy of the absence of clutter.


Let yourself enjoy this feeling by decluttering high-traffic areas of your space, like the place that mail and other paper collects, your makeup stash, and dirty laundry, to keep order in your home.





capsule wardrobe

Photo Credit:
@anotherlovely on Unsplash

15. Implement a capsule wardrobe over time to establish a signature style.

Give yourself a signature style by implementing a capsule wardrobe. This suggestion takes time to accomplish but is worth it in the long run.


Not only does a capsule wardrobe help to simplify the outfit selection process, but you can more effortlessly achieve the “that girl” aesthetic by deliberately establishing your style.





woman writing on a calendar

Photo credit: @anete-lusina on Pexels

16. Make a list of your goals for the week.

It’s beneficial and not necessarily time-consuming to make a list of your plans for the week like “that girl.”


Set aside a brief moment to write down what you want to accomplish for the week, like some of the other suggestions on this list, and map out designated times to achieve your goals.





makeup flat lay

Photo Credit: @amyshamblen on Unsplash

17. Select five makeup staples.

Think of it as a “capsule makeup wardrobe,” but selecting makeup staples can be the difference between succumbing to laziness and dolling yourself up.


Makeup is always optional (of course!), but consider adding the following items to your beauty arsenal: a complexion product (like concealer or foundation), an eye product (like mascara or eyeliner), a cheek product (like a bronzer or blush), a lip product (like lip gloss or lipstick), and a brow product (like a brow pencil or brow gel).





woman doing yoga pose

Photo Credit: @danewett on Unsplash

18. Do a short sequence of stretches or yoga poses to destress and incorporate activity.

Do you feel intimidated by the idea of an hour-long yoga flow? Don’t be! You don’t have to spend hours doing yoga to experience the benefits.


Consider doing a short sequence of stretches or yoga poses to reduce stress and add activity to your day.





woman standing outside

Photo Credit: @jamie452 on Unsplash

19. Spend time outside.

I can’t overstate the benefits of spending a few minutes outside daily. From mental benefits, like reduced stress and increased concentration, to physical benefits, like improved sleep quality and lowered blood pressure, the pros of getting outside are clear.


You don’t even have to spend hours outside to get benefits. Begin your morning with 10 minutes outdoors as an easy way to start this habit. 





healthy meal prep

Photo Credit:
@ellaolsson on Unsplash

20. Prep at least one healthy meal per week for convenience purposes.

Do you find yourself grabbing takeout or eating junk food simply because you didn’t have a healthy meal prepared? If so, make time to meal prep at least one healthy meal per week.


A prepared meal will ensure that you have lunch or dinner covered for a few days per week. The convenience of having a healthy meal prepared will make it simple to eat healthily, at least some of the time.






Bonus Lazy “That Girl” Suggestions

woman getting spa treatment

Photo Credit: @enginakyurt on Unsplash

21. Utilize beauty services like hair appointments and skin treatments to effortlessly maintain your appearance.

Have you ever seen those “self-maintenance” videos in which people get things like facials, manicures, and hair extensions to glow up in less than 24-hours?


There’s a reason that people get these types of procedures done. It’s because they’re a quick and effective way to improve your appearance!


These types of services are optional, but keep them in mind if you’re so inclined.





woman writing in notebook

Photo Credit: @karolina-grabowska on Pexels

22. Keep a journal to make a note of your long-term goals and ambitions.

One key to having the optimal mindset is writing down your goals. You don’t have to craft your goals expertly while writing, but it’s essential to document your ambitions as this is the first step to accomplishing them.


Get fancy by writing your goals in a unique journal or notebook, which may motivate you to write more often.





aesthetic lit candles

Photo Credit: @molnj on Unsplash

23. Light candles to set the mood for your evening.

Creating ambiance is crucial for setting the mood for your evening and winding down before bed.


Want a simple way to transition your living space into a calm haven before you go to sleep? Try lighting a few candles. The warm glow will bring serenity and make you feel like “that girl.” Just remember to blow them out before you doze off.





aesthetic bathtub

Photo Credit: @jareddrice on Unsplash

24. Have a short bath to wind down for the night.

Taking a nice warm bath is purely indulgent, but it’s a simple way to engage in self-care and implement a bedtime ritual.


Your bath doesn’t have to be fancy and can only consist of warm (or hot) water if you choose. However, consider adding a bath bomb or bath salts to your bath to participate in the “that girl” aesthetic and still be lazy.





aesthetic bedside table

Photo Credit: @patrickperkins on Unsplash

25. Go to bed at the same time nightly.

It seems like a simple task to go to bed consistently nightly, but it’s challenging for most of us since we contend with social media and devices calling out to us. Fight the urge to stay up and scroll and put the phone away instead.


You’ll reap the benefits of improved sleep quality and the opportunity for an enhanced morning routine.





The Takeaway

With so many of us living such busy lives, the “that girl” lifestyle can seem out of reach. 


Becoming “that girl” doesn’t have to seem unattainable. You also don’t have to rearrange your entire life to make effective changes. You can begin your glow-up easily and even implement some of the core habits lazily. 


At its core, the “that girl” movement is about being your best in every area of life. Incorporating a few of these lazy “that girl” strategies makes many tasks easier to accomplish and can be incorporated into nearly anyone’s day.


Start by mixing and matching a few of these suggestions into your life, and soon, you’ll emerge as “that girl” before you know it.




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