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9 Powerful Ways to Implement a Life Reset in the New Year

January 1, 2022

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New Year, New You, indeed.


If you’re like me, ringing in the new year makes you want to start fresh. You likely feel the urge to transform something in nearly every area of your life for the better. With that sentiment, the feeling of overwhelm sometimes follows.


Whether you want to refresh your workout routine or start a new planner, it can feel tricky to try and overhaul multiple life categories simultaneously. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated to implement the changes you want to make.


This simple guide narrows the endless possibilities of changes down to nine areas of opportunity that can provide just the life reset that you need to recharge and thrive.


Read on for nine powerful ways to implement a life reset in the new year.




9 Powerful Ways to Implement a Life Reset in the New Year


Photo Credit: @glvrdru on Unsplash

1. Declutter Your Phone

Hey, you! – Take a look through the photos and notes section of your phone. Are there hundreds (or thousands) of files that are collecting proverbial dust because you haven’t viewed them in forever? If you’re like most people, the answer is a resounding “yes,” as we spend countless hours using our phones daily. 


You’re likely underestimating how much a cluttered phone impacts your life and the difference streamlining it would make.


Complete a life reset with your phone by taking some time to delete, prioritize and organize your photos, notes, and other files. A refreshed device optimizes organization on your ever-important smartphone and gives the device a much-needed reboot.


Turbocharge this reset and go even further by decluttering the emails and browser tabs on your phone while you’re at it!





Photo Credit: @kellysikkema on Unsplash

2. Deep Clean Your Space

There are few better feelings than coming home to a spotless home. Just think of the sensation you get when slipping under freshly washed sheets in bed, and you’ll understand what I mean.


Start your new year right and implement a life reset in your home by giving your space a deep clean. Prioritize the necessary cleaning tasks by room and get to work. You can also hire a cleaning service to scrub down your home (or certain rooms) if you prefer as a shortcut.


Bonus points if you create a cleaning schedule to simplify maintaining a squeaky clean home throughout the year.





Photo Credit: @miriam-alonso on Pexels

3. Simplify Your Skincare Routine

Is your bathroom counter cluttered with skincare products that you tried once and never again or items that don’t work for your skin? If so, it’s time to do a purge of unused or incompatible items and simplify your skincare routine.


This life reset is simple to complete as you only need to pare your morning and evening skincare routines down to the basics. 


A good quality cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen are essential and can make huge differences in your skin. Feel free to incorporate a treatment step to address any of your skincare concerns (i.e., acne, discoloration, etc.).





Photo Credit: @vlada-karpovich on Pexels

4. Refresh Your Planner and Schedule

The new year brings a clean slate with new possibilities and limitless options for your time. Optimize this feeling by intentionally refreshing your planner and schedule. The new year is an excellent (and natural) time to make changes to how you make plans, keep track of your tasks, and organize your life.


Have you been thinking about switching from a traditional weekly planner to bullet journaling? Now’s the time to do it!


Do you need to switch from planning things in a weekly format to a daily spread? Make the switch!


Are you interested in switching from a traditional paper planner to a digital format? Go for it!


Consider your scheduling needs and make the necessary changes to your planner to suit your life and schedule. Changing things up may be the boost you need to get you excited about making plans.





Photo Credit: @olly on Pexels

5. Implement Morning and Evening Rituals

The way you begin and end your day is fundamental, as it often sets the tone for your entire day. Perform an overall life reset by cultivating morning and evening rituals.


Consider adding a morning ritual to your day, like a fancy cup of coffee or a few minutes to read or meditate. Your evening ritual can consist of something like a specific face mask to unwind or time spent watching your favorite TV show to switch gears and get ready for bed.


The rituals that you implement can be as complicated or straightforward as you’d like. The most important thing is to select practices that elicit the desired emotions and results that you prefer.





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Photo Credit: @ron-lach on Pexels

6. Revamp Your Wardrobe

Are you holding on to clothing items that you rarely wear? If so, it’s time to complete a life reset with fashion and streamline your wardrobe. Taking stock of the clothing you own makes it easier for you to style outfits with intention and start the new year feeling and looking your best.


As a bonus, discarding or donating clothing items you no longer need makes space for new things you will wear and love. Can anyone say shopping spree?


Consider implementing a capsule wardrobe if you’re interested in simplifying your clothing options further. Ideal for creating a signature style with ease, capsule wardrobes make it simple to mix-and-match outfits from a select few items that you select deliberately and are sure to like.





Photo Credit: @jsnbrsc on Unsplash

7. Make Plans to Meal Prep

One of the most straightforward ways to reset your diet is by incorporating a meal prep practice into your life. Meal prep allows you to plan meals for the week, including healthy meals, and reclaim precious time deciding what to eat.


Preparing meals with intention is also a great way to save money and reach dietary or weight loss goals (if you have them).


Countless online resources allow you to select meal prep recipes and methods based on dietary needs, nutrition goals, recipe difficulty level, and preparation time. Taking the time to explore these options will ultimately be worth your while.





Photo Credit: @lyfefuel on Unsplash

8. Spruce Up Your Physical Activity

Do you ever wonder why gyms advertise heavily at the beginning of the new year? It’s because many people feel the natural urge to restart or revamp their workout routine at the beginning of the year. Capitalize on this sensation by sprucing up your physical activity.


Studies show that exercise provides endless benefits, including enhanced happiness, optimized brain function, and improved physical health. Whether you prefer analog or technologically advanced workouts, there are countless ways to reset and uplevel your exercise routine.


If you’re new to exercise or are restarting physical activity, implement a life reset in this area by committing to take 15 minute walks daily or stream a workout from YouTube (for free!) three times per week.


If you’re already a regular exerciser, consider changing up your routine by experimenting with different kinds of activity. Injecting new types of exercise can be just the thing you need to reboot your workout routine and keep yourself engaged.





Photo Credit: @sevenshooterimage on Unsplash

9. Establish a Mindset Routine

A critical New Year life reset factor is establishing a mindset routine. Getting your mind in the optimal place is essential for happiness, contentment, and success.


You can implement a mindset routine in several ways: journaling to clear your head and document your thoughts, reciting affirmations to boost confidence and happiness, creating a vision board to inspire yourself, or reading for personal growth, are just a few examples.


Think about your preferred ways to learn, how you experience joy, your goals, and what will bring the most growth when deciding how to implement your mindset routine.


As an added benefit, establishing a mindset routine makes you better positioned to cultivate and achieve your dreams.




The Takeaway

There’s no need to wait until the warmer weather hits in spring and summer!


If you are interested in making measurable changes as the new year starts, you will benefit from implementing a life reset in various categories.


It can be simple to start fresh in your life with incremental steps and the proper focus. Using baby steps helps to make these resets seem more manageable and achievable.


The key is to narrow down the areas of importance to you and make deliberate changes.


With the help of the provided suggestions, implementing a life reset in the new year can be actionable and straightforward, with noticeable results for years to come.





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