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9 Amazing Personal Growth Websites That You Need to Know

September 5, 2021

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We love personal development sites around here.


The right resources are essential when embarking upon a new (or revamped) personal development journey. Personal growth books and podcasts are excellent resources for upping one’s game.


Whether you’re attempting to implement mindfulness in your life or need general motivation, the right content can be the difference between limited or exponential success.


However, many people overlook the hidden (and free) gem of personal development websites.


The personal growth websites below are just a few of the many beneficial resources worth adding to your arsenal.


Keep on reading to learn more about nine fantastic personal growth websites that you need to know.



best personal growth website

1. mindbodygreen


mindbodygreen provides a mix of nutrition, wellness, and mental health content making the website a comprehensive resource for personal growth.


Using a science-based approach, mindbodygreen specializes in tips for sleep, food, exercise, and mindfulness.


This website is an excellent personal growth website for those who want science-backed content that you can trust.


I’ve used suggestions from mindbodygreen for crucial things like implementing a daily meditation practice and training my brain to enjoy vegetables.




best personal growth website

2. Well+Good


Are you seeking personal growth content about areas of interest like fitness, beauty, and overall wellness? If so, Well+Good is a great place to begin.


Well+Good offers original articles about many topics like the best mindfulness practices, the best healthy meals to try, and more.


This resource offers quality-sourced and inclusive content for healthy foods, exercise, holistic treatment, and more.


The site provides actionable tips on countless things, including reducing fears of public speaking and gut-healthy teas that are ideal for your pre-bedtime routine.




best personal growth website

3. Caitlin Da Silva


Caitlin Da Silva’s blog may interest you if you are interested in bullet journaling, planning, and personal development.


Caitlin is skilled in journaling and planning and regularly provides well-produced and thoughtful content in the personal growth realm. Her content includes bullet journal spreads, book recommendations, and practical financial discussions geared to 20-somethings (and up!).


I’ve used Caitlin’s ideas to liven up my planner and implement practical financial hacks into my economic life.


Caitlin also has a YouTube channel featuring bullet journal spreads and lifestyle content worth checking out.






best personal growth website

4. Wit & Delight


Wit & Delight provides content that will fit the bill for individuals seeking warm and cozy personal growth articles.


Established in 2014, founder Kate Arends started Wit & Delight to serve as a valuable resource for people at various stages in life.


This lifestyle website features a wide gamut of content about minimalism, motherhood, fashion, home design, and more.


Articles on self-forgiveness and practical suggestions for mindful minimalism are great places to start with this resource.




best personal growth websites

5. Gretchen Rubin


Gretchen Rubin provides thought-provoking content about human behavior and the never-ending journey to happiness.


Rubin has several bestselling books under her belt, like “The Happiness Project.”


Furthermore, her blog provides a wealth of content on habit-building, decision-making, and human nature.


Guidance on creating a set of personal commandments for enhanced happiness and finding misplaced items more easily exemplify the value added by her blog.





best personal growth website

6. She Dreams All Day


She Dreams All Day is an excellent resource for those interested in dipping a toe into the blogging world.


Mia at She Dreams All Day provides beneficial information for beginning bloggers and motivational content for those just starting a blog.


Plus, her website caters to helping introverts put themselves out there and start their first blog.


Standout posts include her article on the benefits of being an introvert and her list of the ten best tips for those just beginning with blogging.




best personal growth websites

7. Greatist


If you’re seeking health and fitness content in an easy-to-understand and approachable format, Greatist is the place to go.


With a focus on personal growth, life, and wellness, Greatist offers practical and fresh solutions to common concerns.


Whether you’re seeking advice about healthy food alternatives for your diet or learning about particular health concerns, Greatist has you covered.


Helpful Greatist content examples include an article on ways to effortlessly reduce the sodium intake in my diet using spices and instructions on how to do deadlifts.




best personal growth websites

8. Lavendaire


For those seeking calm and relaxing content in the personal growth realm, Lavendaire will likely be of interest.


Lavendaire focuses on serving as a down-to-earth personal growth resource. The site features journal prompts, mindfulness tips and self-care content.


Posts about questions to ask when feeling lost in life and limiting beliefs hindering your success are great options for those new to Lavendaire.


In addition to providing written content, many posts have an accompanying video from the engaging Lavendaire YouTube channel.






best personal growth websites

9. Life Goals


Life Goals is a great blog to add to your list for individuals interested in habit creation and goal-setting.


Life Goals regularly offers content about topics like mindset, productivity, routines, and solutions to routine concerns in people’s lives.


For exemplar articles that Life Goals offers, check out the discussion regarding the benefits of switching to a paper planner for improved organization and suggestions for a self-care ritual based on the senses.





The Takeaway

Arming yourself with the right tools is essential when embarking upon a personal growth journey.


With the help of tremendous personal growth websites like the ones mentioned here, getting the optimal guidance and valuable information you need should be that much easier.



best personal growth websites

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