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Feeling Sluggish? You Need These 6 Steps For A Reliable Afternoon Routine

May 12, 2022

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You need an afternoon routine.

Do you feel sluggish, tired, or even sleepy when the mid-day hits?


If you’re like I used to be, you know that it hits hard when the mid-day slump hits.


You may frequently find yourself feeling exhausted about halfway through the day. 


Rather than continuing to meander through the second half of the day, I decided to make a change.


I implemented an afternoon routine.


Tiredness is especially common at work, just after lunch, which can be super inconvenient when half of your day is still waiting for you.


With the help of an afternoon routine, I was able to feel rejuvenated and refreshed enough to have a second wind and enjoy the second half of the day.


Keep reading for details on the benefits of an afternoon routine and how to use one to revamp your mid-day!



Feeling Sluggish? You Need These 6 Steps For A Reliable Afternoon Routine


Photo Credit: @brookecagle on Unsplash


What Is An Afternoon Routine and Why Should You Have One?

So, what is an afternoon routine?


Like morning and evening routines, an afternoon routine is a set of practices or habits specifically chosen for mid-day.


Translation: An afternoon routine is a set of things you do to help you survive a mid-day slump.


The habits you select should help you power through a mid-day slump and go on through the second half of your day feeling alert and energized.


So, why should you implement an afternoon routine?


Instead of suffering through the inevitable mid-day slump, complete with droopy eyes and full-out yawning, an afternoon routine can help to energize you halfway through the day and beyond.


Once you designate a set of specifically selected practices for your afternoon, you’ll experience less fatigue and more energy even mid-day



6 Easy Steps For An Afternoon Routine


Photo Credit: @brookecagle on Unsplash


Survey Your Typical Day

One of the first steps to creating an afternoon routine is to survey your typical day. Are there patterns, like getting sleepy after lunch or zoning out halfway through the day, that commonly cause your slump? If so, note any direct causes or issues can help you choose practices that can address these issues.




Select Activities Or Tasks That Will Refresh You

When you’re tired, what types of activities help to refresh you or boost your energy? Determining these types of tasks is crucial to crafting the ideal afternoon routine. For example, if you regularly spend time sitting for 3+ hours per day, walking may be a simple way to get steps and energize yourself for the rest of your day. Your objective should be to tailor your afternoon arsenal to tasks that will help you.




Mindfully Carve Out Time To Revitalize Your Day

Ideally, how much time do you have to dedicate to a mid-day routine? Whether it’s 5 minutes or 30 minutes, mindfully carving out time for your afternoon routine is essential. Having a pattern every afternoon is only helpful if you make time for it!




Do What You Need To Have an Effortless Afternoon Routine

Does your ideal afternoon routine include a brief workout? If so, it would be helpful for you to pack a workout outfit to make sure that you can. If you plan to read, make sure that you bring a book (or download it to your phone) the day before you need it. The goal is to prepare for whatever you plan to do during your afternoon routine to eliminate possible excuses not to do it.




Spend a Few Minutes Doing Something You Enjoy

Before you do something that will wake you up or refresh you mid-day, spend a few minutes doing something you like. Whether you decide to listen to your favorite song or do a quick social media, using a few minutes can help to inject a bit of fun into your afternoon routine.




Make Your Afternoon Routine Non-Negotiable

If you’ve ever had a sad desk lunch while working, you understand what it’s like to end up working without taking an actual break. To avoid having days of non-stop work, consider making your afternoon routine non-negotiable. If this means blocking it out on your calendar, leaving your desk or office, or even putting a sign on your office door or cubicle, taking steps to have a designated time for your afternoon routine will help to ensure that you take it.




12 Afternoon Routine Ideas


Photo Credit: @brookecagle on Unsplash


Go For A Walk

Did you know that walking is a great way to improve your mood,  increase your energy levels, and get activity? Rather than sitting for your entire afternoon, consider walking around the block (or your workspace) to boost your energy.





Meditation has countless benefits for alleviating stress and anxiety, promoting mindfulness, and even rejuvenating the mind. Consider spending a few minutes (or more) meditating during your afternoon routine to increase mental agility and boost your mood.




Take a Nap

Done right, taking a nap can be an excellent way to overcome an afternoon slump and regain your energy for the second half of your day. For best results, consider taking a nap for no longer than 15 minutes to help refresh you for the remainder of your afternoon.



Photo Credit: @alexandrajf on Unsplash



What better time to read a few chapters of a good book than your afternoon routine? Taking a few minutes to read from an exciting novel or an engaging non-fiction book can help to encourage relaxation and creativity that will make you look forward to your mid-day break every day.





Have a Brief Dance Party

Want to get movement but don’t want to take a walk? Consider having a brief dance party instead. Assuming that you have privacy, dancing can be a fun and covert way to wake up, make yourself laugh, and boost your energy. Just be sure to use headphones to listen to your tunes if you’re in the office.



Listen to a Motivational Podcast

If you’re like most people, your energy levels and motivation take a nosedive the longer you work without a break. To combat unmotivated feelings, consider listening to a personal growth or self-help podcast to create feelings of accomplishment mid-day. Hearing new ideas and encouraging words may be just the thing you need to feel motivated to work efficiently for the remainder of your day.





Photo Credit: @thebrandyk on Unsplash



Catch Up On Personal Interests

Your afternoon routine is a great time to catch up on personal emails, social media, and even a side hustle. Not only will knowing that your afternoon routine includes personal interests help you make it to mid-day, but it can engage your brain and help to give you a second wind.





Have a Conversation With a Friend

Socializing with others is a great way to activate your brain and increase your energy. Consider reaching out to a friend via text or call to get over the mid-day slump and reinvigorate yourself with a conversation.





Have an Energy-Boosting Snack

In many cases, the foods you eat at lunch can be a significant cause of sleepiness snd feeling sluggish mid-day. To counteract this, try eating an energy-boosting snack during your afternoon routine. There are countless delicious and convenient snacks that you can carry daily and give you something to look forward to.




Photo Credit: @lgnwvr on Unsplash


Get In A Quick Workout

Do regular workouts often fall by the wayside in your schedule because morning exercise is too early and night workouts are too late? Consider doing a quick activity during your afternoon routine instead! The movement you choose can be brief, but getting a quick exercise sesh in at the gym can be an excellent way to stay active and energize yourself for the rest of the day.





Write a List

Do you have tasks that you need to do, errands you’re planning to run, and other ideas on your mind? If so, it can be beneficial to use your afternoon routine to write a list. The list can contain any pending to-do list tasks, things that you want to watch or read, or you can even do a brain dump and list anything that comes to mind. Clearing your brain by writing a list can be just the thing you need to tackle in the second half of your day.





Do a Series of Stretches

Whether you plan to do a short yoga routine or run through a few basic moves, stretching is an excellent way to wake up during an afternoon routine. With the help of workout apps and YouTube videos, there are countless options for stretching, and you can tailor the practice to fit your time constraints and fitness level.





The Takeaway

If you’re like many people, the afternoon brings yawns and sudden fatigue. There’s no shame in this, as mid-day slumps are common!


Luckily, there are strategies to overcome these inevitable tired feelings and an afternoon routine is a great place to start.


Instead of feeling drained through the afternoon, consider implementing a daily afternoon routine. Having consistent practices, like regular walks or brief naps, can make all the difference in completing your day feeling energized.



Do you have an afternoon routine? What habits do you recommend for feeling refreshed mid-day?




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