7 Easy Tips for a Relaxing Evening Wind Down

January 22, 2022

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Do you regularly find yourself collapsing onto the couch in an exhausted heap after an extended day of school or work? If the answer is a resounding and unabashed “yes,” join the club!


After spending a little more than a decade in the corporate world, feeling beyond tired after work quickly became my new normal. At this point, the idea of a relaxing evening wind down was nowhere on my radar.


I would feel frazzled while wide awake in bed, and I vowed to find ways to help myself deliberately relax and unwind in the evening after work.


First, I took stock of how much time was available to me after my workday ended and made a list of things I legitimately enjoyed. From there, I narrowed down my free time and my list of enjoyable activities to things that relax me. 


I discovered straightforward and enjoyable ways to smoothly transition from work to off time through trial and error.


Whether you’re looking for ways to destress after work or school, or you want a relaxing way to ease into an evening routine, these strategies are surefire ways to take it easy after a hectic day. 


Check out these seven easy tips for a relaxing evening wind down.



7 Easy Tips for a Relaxing Evening Wind Down


Photo Credit: @4lexmccarthy on Unsplash

1. Do a Brief Workout

Working out in the evening, even after work?! Yes, I know; it’s a somewhat controversial suggestion for an evening wind down. But hear me out! 


Getting exercise is a terrific way to unwind after work because it gets you out of your head and returns your attention to your body.


The exercise you choose doesn’t have to be particularly strenuous and perhaps shouldn’t be to avoid affecting your sleep schedule. 


The remarkable thing about this is that you get to choose your adventure based on what you’re in the mood for and how much energy you have.


Whatever you choose, working out is a great way to make the switch from your work brain to your home brain and reconnect with your body.


  • If you’re genuinely lacking energy, you can choose to do a low-impact workout like a leisurely walk or Tai Chi
  • Do you feel like stretching out your tense body? Consider a short yoga or Pilates workout to stretch out your body.
  • Want something fun or high-impact? Spinning and kickboxing with loud music and high-energy instructors may be right up your alley!


Photo Credit: @maddibazzocco on Unsplash

2. Take a Warm Bath or Shower

Here’s another cliché suggestion, but it totally works, and it’s super easy to implement. Try unwinding after work by taking a warm bath or shower.


In addition to getting clean, taking a bath or shower after work is a quick and easy way to loosen up tense muscles, clear your head, and set the tone for the ideal evening wind down.


The sensation of warm water in the shower provides sensory benefits and can even serve as a mini-massage.


Both showers and baths are shown in studies to elicit feelings of relaxation, relief from exhaustion, and the sensation of being recharged.


  • If you don’t have a fancy tub to take a bath in, don’t fret. Inexpensive items like electric massage mats and dual jet spa attachments can transform the most basic tub into a bath oasis. Bonus points if you also include your favorite bath bomb or bubble bath!
  • If you want to jazz up an otherwise dull shower, try adding a shower steamer to your routine. Available in countless aromatherapy options, inexpensive, and simple to use, shower steamers use essential oils to enhance the relaxing sensations of a shower. Drop the steamer on the shower floor and enjoy!


Photo Credit: @primal_harmony on Unsplash

3. Use Relaxation Tools To Unwind

Experiencing true relaxation doesn’t require tons of money or time-consuming appointments. 


Use the wonders of technology, basic and advanced, to find peace for your evening wind down. Don’t be afraid to incorporate affordable gadgets into your unwinding routine. 


Whether you prefer fancy tools or analog ones, it can be beneficial to products, and tools do most of the work to relax any aching or tense parts of your body.


  • Items like diffusers with essential oils, acupuncture mats, scalp massagers, and foot baths are inexpensive and effective ways to relax after a long day without having to do very much work or involve another person.
  • Did you know that there are things that you can wear to feel more relaxed? Items like massage slippers and acupressure socks perform double-duty by being comfy to wear and providing effective subtle recovery for aching or tense muscles.


Photo Credit: @olly on Pexels

4. Read a Book

If you’re a bookworm like me, this one is a no-brainer. Curling up with a book is an excellent way to unwind after a long day. 


Books allow you to temporarily escape your current reality and spend time in the fantasy world of your choosing. 


If you’ve ever found yourself getting carried away reading for hours, you understand the power of a good book. 


Whether you prefer to learn new things by reading non-fiction or want to live vicariously through characters via fiction, books can be an excellent gateway to introspection and dreaminess suitable for an evening wind down.


  • If you need help finding the right book, consider utilizing resources like Goodreads. The site allows you to discover books suited to your preferences by criteria like genre, popularity, and user rating to locate the perfect read for your routine.
  • For bonus points, consider combining an engaging book with a bath (tip #2) for the ultimate after-work unwind. Just be sure to set a 30-minute timer on your phone to remind yourself to get out, or you may end up sitting in the tub and reading for hours!
  • Don’t have time for a book? Try reading a magazine or articles online (like this one!) as a way to unwind. The act of reading can be therapeutic and relaxing no matter what type of content you choose to consume.


Photo Credit: @pablomerchanm on Unsplash

5. Eat a Comforting Dinner

If you’ve ever bitten into your favorite food and experienced true calm, you understand why the term “comfort food” exists. 


Does a bowl of warm soup make you feel homey and cozy? Is a slice of pizza like transporting yourself back to childhood? Do you have a recipe handed down from your grandmother that gives you all the feels when you make it? 


No matter the specifics, never underestimate the positive benefits of comfort food!


  • If you don’t have time in your packed schedule to make your favorite comfort food from scratch, don’t be afraid to stop by your go-to restaurant (or order in) and indulge in yummy food as a way to cultivate calm and kick off your evening wind down.
  • Do you have extra time during weekends? If so, it may be worthwhile to meal prep some of your favorite meals to eat after work during the workweek. Knowing that you have your favorite comfort food waiting for you in the fridge can help reduce the stress of deciding what to consume after a lengthy day.


Photo Credit: @juantures12 on Unsplash

6. Do Something Uplifting For Yourself

This suggestion is unique because I can’t give you specifics. As you know, we all have personal preferences for what brings us joy and interests to which not everyone can relate. As a result, this suggestion should be tailored specifically to you!


After spending a full day at work, you must do something uplifting for yourself as part of your evening wind down. Having a plan to partake in something inspiring or exciting ensures that you have something to look forward to and serves as a reward for making it through potentially challenging days.


Whether your goal is to laugh, experience mindfulness, have fun or have me-time, it’s infinitely important that you regularly do something inspiring just for yourself.


  • Need help figuring out what brings you joy? Think back to your childhood for inspiration on activities you enjoyed as a kid for guidance. Harkening back to your childhood favorites is an underutilized but valuable way to find your bliss.
  • Doing something for yourself is only effective if you do it! To ensure that you keep this habit, carve out non-negotiable time in your schedule to indulge in something that makes you genuinely happy for your evening wind down.


Photo Credit: @plhnk on Unsplash

7. Play Video Games

This suggestion is a bit unconventional but, believe it or not, can be highly relaxing as part of your evening wind down.


Like books, video games allow you to escape into the world of your choosing and temporarily forget about your work worries.


There are multitudes of calming games designed to help players relax and destress while playing. Don’t knock this suggestion until you try it!


  • Console and PC games like “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and “Stardew Valley” allow users to get lost in a fascinating fantasy world with low-stakes tasks and fun mini-games that will make it easy to forget work stresses temporarily.
  • If you’re looking for a quick way to relax using your phone, consider mobile games like Two Dots and Infinity Loop. Easily accessible on your phone and requiring virtually no skill, puzzle games like these allow you to relax your mind and experience tiny feelings of accomplishment while doing so! 


The Takeaway

If you’re tired of falling into bed at night drained, please know there are strategies to counteract these feelings. Experiencing unabashed exhaustion after a long day isn’t a foregone conclusion.


There are many ways to smooth the transition from an action-packed workday to a chill and vibed-out evening.


Whether you use tried and true tips like exercise and baths or unconventional suggestions like video games, you can experience calm effortlessly during your evening wind down.


As a side bonus, knowing that your evening will be relaxing and peaceful can help to make your day more bearable, no matter what you have to endure.


With the help of these simple tips, your next relaxing evening wind down is just a few hours away!


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