It’s Never Too Late To Level Up! – A Late-Bloomer Glow Up Guide

February 12, 2022

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Late doesn’t mean never.


Do you feel like a late-bloomer


Does it feel like you’re capable of much more in your life and feel that it’s too late to achieve more due to age or other circumstances? 


If you consider yourself a late-bloomer, you’re in good company.


With the popularity of social media and celebrity culture, it can be easy to feel that countless women live seemingly perfect lives while feeling like you can’t achieve the same goals. 


Feeling like life has passed you by can leave you wondering, “is it too late to glow up?”


Whether you aspire to be your best self professionally, physically, or even in your personal life, it’s not hard to understand why feeling lost at the prospect of overhauling essential areas of your life can seem complicated.


A late-bloomer glow up can seem unlikely.


Add in feeling like you’re too late, be it due to age or other circumstances, and the thought of glowing up seems downright impossible. And, please note, you don’t have to be “old” for this feeling to apply to you (quarter and mid-life life crisis, anyone?).


But luckily, there is proof that it is indeed never too late to glow up.


Countless women start from wherever they are in life and make the desired changes to overhaul their lives virtually every day. The great news about this is that it doesn’t take a team of people to help you to transform any part of your life at any point. 


Keep reading for ways to learn about how to achieve a late-bloomer glow up.





It’s Never Too Late To Level Up – A Late-Bloomer Glow Up Guide

Photo Credit: @jernejgraj on Unsplash


What is a Glow Up?

A glow up is the practice of transforming an area of your life, often your looks, to the best version that it could be. 


Glowing up is like giving yourself the ultimate makeover. 


While glowing up most commonly refers to someone’s appearance, the practice can apply to any area of life, including career, finances, emotions, love life, goals, and more.


Contrary to popular belief, glowing up does not automatically entail spending large amounts of money, invasive procedures, or incorporating unreachable or unknown practices into your life.


The most effective type of glow up stems from people using efficient goal-setting, habit-building, and strategies to implement the necessary alterations they need to make in their lives to see huge improvements.




Is a Late-Bloomer Glow Up Dependent on Age?

So, is your ability to glow dependent on your age?


If you’ve asked yourself this question, take comfort that the answer is a resounding “no.” There is nothing to prevent women from glowing up at any age.


Similarly, life circumstances, like having a family or wanting to make changes to your professional life years into your current career, also have no bearing on your ability to glow up at any time if you so choose.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your physical appearance or level up professionally, having a late-bloomer glow up is attainable. Scores of successful women have done it at varying ages and life stages.


Don’t believe me? Check out this list of women below who had glowed up later in life.


Examples of Women Who Had a Late-Bloomer Glow Up

  • Famed author Toni Morrison published The Bluest Eye, her debut novel, at age 40. Her first novel was a marked success, and she received countless accolades as an author.
  • Beloved chef Julia Child didn’t begin cooking until she married, around age 34, and didn’t publish her debut cookbook until age 49.
  • Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis boasts impressive acting credits, critical acclaim, and many awards. Still, her career didn’t fully hit its stride until she was age 43 and appeared in the film Doubt opposite Meryl Streep. Her career hasn’t been the same since.
  • Renowned designer Vera Wang didn’t begin her career in the fashion industry until age 40.
  • Distinguished author Laura Ingalls Wilder began her writing career at approximately 44, but she didn’t publish the first book in her well-known Little House series until age 65.




How Do You Implement a Late-Bloomer Glow Up?

Now that we’ve established that it’s possible to achieve success and glow up at any age, you may be questioning where to start and how to accomplish the late-bloomer glow up that you desire.


It’s a no-brainer, but it’s essential for you first to determine what area of your life in which you’d like to glow up before you set about making changes.


Need help with where to start? The suggestions below provide general guidelines for going about three familiar glow up categories: Physical, Professional, and Financial.




Photo Credit: @priscilladupreez on Unsplash


Physical Late-Bloomer Glow Up

Making changes to your physical appearance is one of the most common manifestations of a glow up. If your goal is to make changes to your looks, it’s critical to figure out what exactly you want to change or makeover.


  • Commit to Weight Loss and Fitness: Is your goal to reach your happy or healthy weight? Rather than following trends or fads, get serious about overhauling your current diet and exercise habits in healthy and attainable ways. As a side benefit, in addition to altering the way you look, losing weight and implementing a fitness routine can also improve your health overall in numerous ways.
  • Switch Up Your Style: Do you want to upgrade your style and overhaul your wardrobe? Survey your current clothing options and donate, dispose of, or set aside anything that doesn’t fit with your desired aesthetic. Implementing a capsule wardrobe is also an excellent option for revamping your fashion.
  • Refresh Your Hair and Makeup: Does your hairstyle and makeup regimen need to be refreshed? Don’t be afraid to try something new! Use the expertise of others, like friends and family, as well as professionals, like hairstylists and makeup artists, to help you choose the most flattering ways to enhance your inherent beauty.




Photo Credit: @jasongoodman_youxventures on Unsplash


Professional Late-Bloomer Glow Up

If you’re feeling stale or stuck in your current work life, a professional glow up is likely what you’re seeking. The following are just a few alterations that you can make to glow up your career.


  • Scale Up Your Salary or Career: If the goal is to scale up your career with a raise or a promotion, the natural next step is to initiate salary negotiations or apply for job postings at your current position or company. Additionally, it’s almost always to keep your eye on the job market and apply for outside openings, especially if you’ve been at the same company or in the same role for years.
  • Employ the Career Coach Services: Consider consulting with a career coach or mentor if you’re looking to overhaul your professional life altogether. These consultants can use their knowledge and expertise to help guide your career path in the right direction.
  • Implement Networking to Diversify Your Opportunities: Networking is an endlessly underrated and valuable way to expand your professional reach. Try incorporating networking into your personal and professional life as a way to expand your career options.




Photo Credit: @sasun1990 on Unsplash


Financial Late-Bloomer Glow Up

Financial status is another common area of life in which people desire a massive change, and there are countless ways to glow up your finances. 


  • Get Serious About Your Retirement Plans: It’s never too early to get serious about taking charge of your savings and retirement contributions. Spend time thinking about your retirement goals and researching the best ways to handle your 401k and other savings accounts.
  • Consider Starting a Side Hustle: If your goal is to increase your funds, it may be worth finding ways to utilize your skills for your own benefit. Beginning a side hustle or small business can be a great way to bring in additional income or even help you leave your job if you desire.
  • Experiment With Investing: If you’re interested in unconventional ways to diversify or increase your income, it may be worth looking into investing. With the proper research, investment opportunities can be a great way to add variety to your income now and for years to come.



Often, once we stop to think about what changes we desire, we discover that making subtle tweaks or devising an actual plan may be all we need to achieve the adjustments we’re interested in.


No matter type of transition you plan to make, understand that countless women who had a late-bloomer glow up and successfully made changes in nearly every area of life at virtually every life stage precede you.





Late-Bloomer Glow Up Pointers

Photo Credit: @nandovish on Unsplash


Try Not To Get Caught Up On Other People’s Accomplishments

Ever heard the phrase, “Don’t compare yourself in your first year to someone in their fifth year?” It’s true!


It may not appear to be the case, but you don’t know where other people are in their journey. If you’re starting, or even if you aren’t, you can’t compare yourself to someone else because you are an entirely different person.


However, on the positive side, other people’s success is proof that what you desire to achieve is accomplishable.



Set Goals Tailored To Your Life and Situation For Yourself

To achieve your late-bloomer glow up, setting goals for yourself is essential. However, these goals must be custom-made for you and your circumstances.


For example, suppose you intend to lose weight, and you have a full-time job in addition to other responsibilities. In that case, it may be unrealistic to commit to working out an hour a day, seven days per week initially.


Instead, be realistic with yourself and set goals tailored to your life and what you can realistically accomplish.



Seriously Commit To Making The Necessary Changes

The only way to accomplish your glow up goals is to get serious about them.


To solidify what you’re setting out to do, consider writing them down in a planner or journal as written goals are proven to be more successful.


Further, commit to your goals by telling family and friends what you plan to do or obtain an accountability partner to keep yourself focused on achieving your goals.



Pace Yourself

While it can feel tempting to do so, try not to change everything at once. Instead, pace yourself as you strive to achieve your newfound goals.


Start with a single new habit to start and spend time, like a few days to a few weeks, cultivating this habit until it’s solid. Once this first habit is in place, work on incorporating the next practice into your life.


Taking incremental steps helps solidify your habits and makes your glow up even more likely.



The Takeaway

If you’re a late-bloomer and want to make a massive change in any area of your life, know that it’s possible!


Rather than looking at the success of others and getting discouraged because we feel unable to attain similar victories due to life circumstances or age, it’s imperative to understand that a late-bloomer glow up is achievable any time


Instead, look at the achievements of others as a form of inspiration and confirmation that the changes you seek are possible to accomplish.


By implementing effective strategies and staying steadfast in your endeavors, success and goals are achievable regardless of age or life stage, and that’s great news for us all!




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